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Designflooring Services

Our team of designers is here to help you navigate the infinite possibilities of Karndean Designflooring and personalize a space to fit your needs.

Your Vision, Brought to Life


The beauty of Karndean Designflooring is its versatility. Flooring is the foundation of any interior design project, so it’s more important than ever to create an engaging customer experience. Our Designflooring Services team will collaborate with you on the following aspects to bring your vision to life and create a captivating space.


Examples of herringbone lay pattern, split chevron lay pattern and angled lay pattern with border

Installation Designs
We can advise how to use the layout of the floor to best guide foot traffic through a space and incorporate patterns, adding both functionality and visual interest.

Square samples

Flooring Recommendations
Our expert consultants can recommend coordinating wood or stone designs from our portfolio that will complement your overall design scheme and color palette.

Karndean logo with height and width measurements

Your Own Designs
If you can think it, we can help you create it with our flooring. For projects that call for a signature touch or the incorporation of school or company branding, we can help you create a custom design.

SketchUp logo

Project Files
As part of our Designflooring Services program, you can choose from ready-to-use SketchUp files to import into your design plans or a PDF file to share with your clients. In addition to custom designs, we can also complete construction takeoffs for you. We can even provide these separately, if you do not need a designed floorplan.


How to Get Started

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Step 1

Contact your Commercial Business Manager for a project brief form.

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Step 2

Send in your brief form along with plans or pictures of your space to

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Step 3

We'll schedule a call to review the project.

Hourglass icon

Note: Lead time will be quoted on a project-by-project basis and can vary from 1-3 weeks.

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Step 4

We'll deliver up to 3 professional 2D floor plans.


Featured Projects