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Technical Resources

Building Code E3/AS1 Internal Moisture - 2nd edition - Amendment 7 - Alternative Solution Compliance Statement

Acceptable solutions for water splash areas including kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, and toilet areas where a building consent for new or refurbished work is required.

The accepted solutions for flooring finishes in these areas are slab-on-grade concrete that is steel trowel finished, ceramic, stone, or an integrally waterproof sheet material (e.g. vinyl) with welded seams and edges sealed or coved. The finish must be impervious and easily cleaned. The area extends to the doorway and all walls of the room, or at least 1.5 metres from all sanitary fixtures or appliances in open plan rooms.

Timber, laminates, and vinyl planks may still be used, however, these flooring finish types will now need to be specified and approved as an alternative solution.

Alternative Solutions Compliance Statement for E3

This document provides guidance in regards to the comment under section 3.1.1 Floors (under section 3.0 Watersplash) that states “other floor finishes may also be capable of satisfying the performance for impervious and easily cleaned if installed in a manner that prevents gaps or cracks within the finish and at any parts of its perimeter that are exposed to water splash, and/or if the surface is sealed with a suitable durable coating”. When Karndean products are installed to manufacturers installation guides, and where applicable with RLA subfloor preparation and adhesives the product and systems meet the requirements of the E3 building code under the following typical pathways of being an acceptable solution: 

• In-Service History
• Expert opinion or producer statement
• Previously accepted Alternative Solution

Impervious surface

All Karndean products are manufactured with Karndean K-Guard+ Surface Protection. Our K-Guard+ Surface Protection system uses polyurethane technology to provide a hygienic, durable and impervious waterproof surface – all of Karndean products are water and moisture resistant, and for Karndean Hybrid ranges the joint systems used provide resistance to water penetration where water splash may occur. Neither Karndean LVT nor Hybrid range boards including the 5G click system are adversely impacted by moisture during normal use or as part of the cleaning

Polyurethane surfaces have long been the standard for ease of cleaning and maintenance in hard flooring and our maintenance and cleaning instructions are readily available.

Perimeters exposed to water splash 

For Karndean LVT (Glue Down Knight Tile, Opus, Van Gogh, Art Select, LooseLay Originals & LooseLay Longboard) & Hybrid (Korlok / Van Gogh Rigid Core & Knight Tile Rigid Core) products the perimeters of the room should be installed with a bead of silicone at the floor to wall junction to all perimeters extending to the doorway, or at least 1.5 meters from any sanitary fixtures of wet rooms/water splash areas of open plan rooms to prevent gaps and cracks in the perimeter of the finish, this to prevent water ingress and allow for easy ongoing maintenance.

For hybrid ranges to achieve the maximum allowed floor area the main floor should be segregated from the wet room or splash zone area by use of control joints at doorways, thresholds, and or architectural breaks as required. Outside of areas specified as water splash, standard installation guidelines must be applied as per Karndean Installation guides.

Service history

Karndean products have been manufactured by Karndean, distributed, and installed by our retail partners in New Zealand for over 25 years, with a main focus on the domestic market. When Karndean products are installed to Karndean installation guides and where applicable to system specifications as required for wet areas, Karndean products have a proven track record of performance and service history to the New Zealand market.

Please refer to Karndean ‘Alternative Solution Compliance Documents’ inclusive of Installation guides, Cleaning & maintenance guides, warranty declaration:

1. Previous accepted Producer statement to E3/AS1

2. Kitchen-Laundry-Toilet - LVT wet rooms waters splash installation system

3. Bathrooms - LVT wet rooms waters splash installation system

4. Karndean installation guides

a. Gluedown

b. Loose lay

c. Rigid core 5G

5. Karndean cleaning & maintenance guides

6. Karndean Vinyl Warranty

Additional information

Where the attached or above information is not followed as directed and or documented it will be the responsibility of the retailer, contractor, and or installer to confirm any proposed changes to the prescribed systems are thoroughly investigated to ensure conformance to E3/AS1.
Consultation with Karndean should be sought prior to acceptance of any proposed changes outside of this statement.

Please contact your local Karndean representative or Karndean Technical Services team for further information, discussion, or clarification of this statement and or supporting documentation.