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Product selector

Discover a design your customers will love

Our Product Selector is a complete and detailed guide to the full Karndean collection. Included is a full product range fold out so you can view our wood and stone designs at a glance, as well as pages showing overheads of each design demonstrating the individual knots, grains and textures.

On each overhead page we’ve also featured the associated technical data, which can be used when specifying for a commercial environment. Find further information detailing versatile flooring solutions and the option to customise patterns or mixing textures to create a statement look that is individual to your project. 


Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Our entire range of gluedown, loose lay and rigid core designs explained
  • Full technical data for each collection
  • Sector suitability and commercial case studies
  • Our environmental promise
  • Additional support including information on our custom cutting service and digital tool suite

To request your free copy of Product Selector please complete the short form or you can download a copy or view it online.