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Continuing professional development

Book your place on one of our RIBA approved CPD seminars

As a global leader in flooring design, we are proud to share our knowledge and expertise to help you expand your skills and inspire you to explore the endless possibilities of flooring design.

Whether you are looking to design exceptional interiors that stand out from the crowd, maximise accessibility or enhance indoor environmental quality, our free CPD seminars will guide you through design principles, innovative flooring solutions and the latest legislation.

Our RIBA approved CPD seminars:


Seminar One: Inclusive Flooring Design - where form and function meet legislation

Inclusive design aims to remove barriers by incorporating choice, flexibility and practicality, making it possible for everyone to access and use a space confidently.

Accredited by RIBA and relevant for professionals designing and specifying in both domestic and commercial settings, this one-hour seminar looks at the principles and regulations surrounding inclusive flooring design and discusses the key design criteria to consider.

The key topics covered include:

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • The principles of inclusive design
  • Designing for dementia
  • Colour contrast and light reflectance values
  • Managing hygiene
  • Reducing the risk of slipping
  • Fire retardant materials
  • Specifying for environmental protection
  • Case studies

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CPD sustainability with copy.JPG

Seminar two: Specifying sustainability: protecting people, planet and prosperity

In this RIBA and SBID approved seminar we explore how sustainable design has evolved into a people-centric approach with places, health, and wellbeing at the core of the design process.

Relevant for professionals designing and specifying in both domestic and commercial settings, this one-hour seminar explores the connections between Indoor Environment Quality and occupants’ health and wellbeing and how sustainable design can minimise the risk of building related health problems.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why sustainable design should be considered at the beginning of the specification process
  • How sustainable design and construction can minimise environmental impact, reduce energy consumption, protect health and wellbeing and build a prosperous green economy
  • The key aspects of Indoor Environment Quality; air quality, acoustics and lighting
  • How biophilic design can support a reconnection with nature in the built environment
  • How biomimetic design could future proof our built environment.

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We also offer a range of Karndean Installation Courses to help you develop your fitting skills.