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Continuing professional development

Book your place on one of our RIBA approved CPD seminars

The Karndean CPD programme has been designed to inspire and enhance the knowledge of specifiers using the most up to date guidance, legislation, and innovative solutions to floor coverings. As a global leader in flooring design, we have used our knowledge and expertise gained from over 50 years in the flooring industry to develop three RIBA approved CPDs conducted by our CPD trainers.

Choose from:

Specifying sustainability: protecting people, planet and prosperity

In this RIBA and SBID approved seminar we explore how in recent years design sustainability and the implementation of design features has evolved into a more people-centric approach with places, health, and wellbeing at the core of the design process. To understand this and how certain design elements of a building can affect the occupant experience, both from a physical and psychological point of view, we discuss the following areas:

  • How does the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and biophilic design have a positive or negative affect on occupant health?
  • Understanding the connection between comfort and wellbeing: feeling good = functioning well
  • Discuss different design elements at the start of the specification process to establish solutions that not only improve occupant experience but are achievable and sustainable too.

Learn more about this CPD and how to book your place, here. 

CPD sustainability with copy.JPG

Inclusive flooring design: Where form and function meet legislation

The presentation discusses the key design criteria to consider when designing flooring for environments where vulnerable people are present; including the visually impaired, patients with dementia, and the elderly. The key topics covered include:

  • Designing floors for the dementia environment
  • Reducing the risk of slipping
  • Complying with the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Colour contrast and light reflectance values
  • Maintaining hygienic floors
  • Environmental credentials
  • Case studies

Luxury vinyl floor coverings: Stylish and innovative specification solutions

With so many products on the market it is difficult to get to know each one intimately. To help architects and interior designers keep up to date with commercial flooring products we have developed this seminar to look in depth at the make-up, application and suitability of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). This seminar goes into detail about everything from the manufacturer and installation process, to the maintenance of LVT:

  • Who is Karndean Designflooring?
  • What is LVT made of?
  • Design components and unique designs
  • Technical specification and standards
  • The environment
  • Wear layers, thickness, emboss, bevel, adhesives
  • Subfloor preparation
  • Ease of maintenance

To book your place on any of the above listed seminars email or call us on 01386 820 104.

We also offer a range of Karndean Fitting Courses designed around your skills and expertise within the industry. Find out more about our fitting courses here.