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Inspiring ideas for community living schemes

Look to our designs for your community living projects

Flexibility is at the heart of community living. Our portfolio echoes this with our dedicated Karndean Living Collection for co-living spaces or the option to explore our complete portfolio of designs and formats, each with their own unique features. 

The Karndean Living Collection presents an exclusive collection designed for co-living developments including new build, house build, build-to-rent, aged living and student accommodation. Specifiers will appreciate the flexibility to select a wood, stone or chevron in dual formats, gluedown or rigid core. 

Discover Karndean Living

For something different, immerse yourself in our versatile gluedown collection featuring realistic designs, authentic embosses and where the possibility of customised flooring options are endless. See our pre-set abstract designs to create impact and personality, and further used to define zones within large communal settings. Or explore our loose lay and rigid core designs featuring enhanced acoustic benefits and time-saving fitting options.

Find out how Karndean flooring suits all types of community living projects

Gluedown designs

Our gluedown designs offer our widest choice of colours and include features like textured emboss or premium handscraped finish, as well as wide bevels and flat edges. The flexibility in the way our gluedown planks and tiles have been made means that they can be cut into bespoke shapes or laying patterns to create a custom look.

Abstract designs

Discover our pre-set abstract patterns in our Kaleidoscope and Heritage Collection. Combine shapes, tone, textures and patterns to create something that is completely unique or use our bespoke cutting service to create a customised flooring design that can be used to identify different zones or areas within large communal settings or be used to reflect the building’s heritage that is both cohesive and practical.

Loose lay designs

Explore our loose lay collection for time-saving fitting options. Quick to fit, our LooseLay range can be installed over most existing hard floors and comes in a larger format option great for time sensitive refurbishment projects. See our LooseLay wood, stone and LooseLay Longboard designs.

Rigid core designs

Eliminating the need for adhesive, our Korlok and Van Gogh rigid core designs come with a pre-attached foam backing, reducing sub-floor prep whilst helping to absorb sound transferring to rooms below by up to 21dB – ideal for apartments and upstairs rooms.

Van Gogh multi-format

Introducing our Van Gogh multi-format collection. Previously a gluedown only range, we’ve taken 16 existing gluedown colours and four herringbone designs and made them available in a rigid core and gluedown format to provide installation flexibility as well as the option to continue your chosen design throughout the space and at multi-level.

Looking for inspiration? Follow us @karndeancommercialuk on Instagram or view our latest blogs and case studies.