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LooseLay Installation Guidelines

Installation Methods

Before starting the installation remove all debris or dust and clean the floor.

Karndean LooseLay can be installed on any subfloor; that is flat, level, smooth and dry, but need not be porous; using one of the following three options: 

  1. Loose lay: 

    Karndean LooseLay must be fitted ‘tight’; check that room edges are solid and all thresholds or openings are edged with a 10cm (4”) strip of suitable tackifier/ pressure sensitive adhesive. The tile/planks must be fitted ‘tightly’ to the wall and to themselves. If the floor area to be installed has any wall longer than 4m (13’) please treat the installation as a Grid stick installation. 

  2. Grid stick:

    In rooms with any wall longer than 4m (13’) the perimeter of the room requires a 10cm (4”) strip of tackifier/pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the subfloor, and also at 4m (13’) distances parallel to each perimeter wall, covering the floor in a grid. The Karndean LooseLay tiles/planks are then fitted ‘tightly’ across the room to the wall and to themselves.

  3. Heavy Traffic Areas: 

    In areas of high traffic (eg. high footfall- entrances, high frequency wheeled traffic) we recommend installing tiles/ planks with a full coverage tackifier/pressure-sensitive adhesive. Note: The adhesive used should still allow for easy ‘peel up’ and replacement of tiles/planks in this area. 


Note: High Spillage Wet Areas/Sun Rooms/Conservatories/Panoramic Windows: In areas that are likely to be subject to high water spillage or extreme temperature fluctuations, the use of a full spread epoxy or urethane adhesive is recommended. 

Please note that before installing Karndean LooseLay, you should refer to our full installation instructions.