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Inspiring interior design trends. Home as a sanctuary

Posted on the 2/11/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Home as sanctuary 

Redefining the way we live now

Over recent years, the disruption of the global pandemic has only added to a growing sensory overload of modern living. In response, we see that people are seeking a life that's more authentic, simpler and closer to nature. At Karndean Designflooring we set out to understand what that means in design trends. While we identified four clear and different directions in interior styling, they share a common heart: the home as a sanctuary.

When the world stayed at home, it made us rethink our 'four walls'. 'Home' has always been our private retreat from the world, but now more than ever it has become our sanctuary - a place of personal comfort, nurturing, and cocooning. For many, the home also became a place for working, for home-schooling, and the place where we found our entertainment and explored new interests. This multi-purposing of our living spaces is another key driver of the emerging design trends that deliver practical and versatile functionality while never compromising on comfort or style.

LLOG Blog Images 930 x 520 (16).png


The first trend that's redefining the comforts of home we've called Timeworn Treasures. It's all about homes warmed by nostalgia and coloured by the reassuring patina and textures of natural materials and the artisan's touch. Like all our trends, the style of Timeworn Treasures is inviting, lived-in and characterful, built around an earthy and organic palette, it replaces the conventional cornerstones of luxury with a new rustic-luxe that's artisanal, 'slow' and understated.

LLOG Blog Images 930 x 520 (17).png


While also drawing heavily on a retro aesthetic, the fresh trend we've identified as Smooth Operator balances the reassurance of the familiar with the current yearning for newness. Cool, calm and collected, this style layers mono-coloured and pared-back palettes over clean interior lines. Classical touches such as arches, and sinuous, sensual curves provide both visual and physical comfort. Monumental materials like stone, concrete and timber are made soft and fluid. The palette is inspired by nature – muted organic greens, mellow yellows, and dusty plums with tonal layering creating an inviting, tactile and restorative space.

LLOG Blog Images 930 x 520 (18).png


Warm, welcoming and wholesome aptly describes the style of the Golden Age. Its palette taps into the familiar and comforting organic colours of the earth. The texture and tones of natural timbers, stone and fibres bring the grounding and nourishing power of nature into the home. Furniture finds an artful balance between form and function. Mid-century design classics sit comfortably with the handcrafted charm of tribal statement pieces. The look of traditional parquetry or sun-washed wide oak boards set an elegant stage on which personal style and comfort can be layered.

LLOG Blog Images 930 x 520 (19).png


Our final trend confirms that the 'new normal' will be anything but normal. Firm Foundations sets a style that's all about dependable function and practicality but is also uncompromised in its understated contemporary elegance and comfort. It combines the strength and resilience of nature with a raw-edged and utilitarian industrial vibe. A moody palette, texture, and bursts of colour set an optimistic backdrop for luxurious living. 

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