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Explore by slip resistance

Slip resistance is a key consideration when specifying for a commercial project. Environments like school canteens, office kitchens, bars, restaurants and hotel reception areas, are often the higher risk areas for slipping to occur. Understanding the different floor coverings that are available and how these can be used in different spaces is key.

It is well known that the risk of slipping is increased if a person walking from a clean dry surface unwittingly steps into an area that has been contaminated with water, oil, or grease. In busy commercial environments, a structured cleaning and maintenance approach is integral to preventing a slippery floor surface.

At Karndean Designflooring, we offer a range of flooring types in wood and stone Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) that have been defined by different slip ratings to guide you when choosing the right product for the space you’re specifying in.

Click here to read our full slip resistange guide.