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Cleaning and maintenance

Flexible, durable and hygienic

Our floor designs offer a hygienic surface with an authentic look of wood and stone yet without any of the practical disadvantages of natural materials. Designed with cutting edge technology, all our flooring products support healthy environments.

Unlike other surfaces such as textile and laminate flooring, Karndean flooring does not trap dust, allergens or micro-organisms and will not warp following splashes and spills. Manufactured with our enhanced K-Guard+ protective surface treatment, a Karndean floor offers a durable and hygienic surface that resists stains and is easy to maintain.

With a simple cleaning regime using either hand or mechanical cleaning apparatus and our specially formulated Karndean Clean, Karndean flooring is easy to keep clean. By following our guidelines for cleaning after installation and regular ongoing maintenance, a Karndean floor will perform to the highest standards for many years to come.

View our commercial cleaning and maintenance guidelines.