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Karndean fitting courses

Here to help you develop new floor fitting skills at every level

Our new state of the art Karndean Training Academy has been designed to offer fitting courses and workshops for fitters and installers of all abilities, whether you are looking to improve basic skills or learn more sophisticated floor laying techniques.

Which fitting course is right for me?

Level 1 three-day course covers:

  • Preparation and adhesive-free installation
  • Straight lay installation designs
  • 45 degree installation designs

Level 2 three-day course covers:

  • Preparation and border designs with planks
  • Incorporating planks and tiles into designs
  • Herringbone and bespoke designs

Level 3 three-day course covers:

  • Heritage Collection and Kaleidoscope installation
  • Art Select designs installation
  • Custom designs

We offer a specialist one-day workshop:

  • Heritage Collection installation
When are the next available course dates?

Three-day fitting courses

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

17th - 19th January 24th - 26th January

21st - 23rd February

14th - 16th February

7th - 9th February


28th February - 2nd March

7th - 9th March

14th - 16th March    

One-day workshop


Heritage Collection installation



27th January



17th February



3rd March



A special 10% discount is offered when two of our three-day courses are booked together.


To book one or more of our courses, please, submit the below form after carefully reading the full terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please phone 01386 820170 or email

Book your training course

Download our training academy brochure

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