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Heritage collection hero image

The Heritage designs



Clifton is a timeless, classic pattern using square and triangular tiles to create a star and square effect. A pattern that looks stylish in traditional black and white, Clifton also offers calm neutral combinations in taupe or dove grey, or a contemporary mix of dove grey and azure blue shades balanced with soft-white and black highlights.



Lansdown presents a clean and contemporary grid effect which looks stunning in a simple yet elegant black and white pattern or highlighted with a bold blue or green inset. For a more modern look, a softer, understated option is offered in a combination of dove grey and white.




Mayfair is a traditional pattern frequently found in the entrance halls of Victorian homes and is offered in a classic colour combination of blue and terracotta or as a modern interpretation with a combination of shades of blue, crimson and gold.




The opulent Montpellier mixes octagonal tiles with square insets in a contrasting shade for a neo-classical style. Presented in eight suggested colourways, traditional colours such as terracotta, black and white are combined for a classic look, or offered in a statement design with contemporary grey, pink, blue or taupe shades.



Heritage border options

To showcase any classic design, you'll need to frame it, and what better way to frame a timeless design than with a timeless border? We have a wide range of border customisation options, available in 4" Diamond, 4.24" Diamond and 3" Brick formats, all unique to the Heritage Collection.