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Get creative with herringbone

Herringbone has become a firm design favourite and it’s easy to understand why. Whether you’re looking to add interest in an open plan home or visually enlarge a smaller room, a herringbone pattern will introduce a sense of flow with plenty of personality.


Contemporary elegance

With clean lines that highlight the natural textures and colour variations in each plank, a herringbone floor is timelessly elegant. Explore our Art Select and Knight Tile ranges for a wide selection of wood designs in a modern 18” x 3” herringbone size. For a larger herringbone design, look to our Van Gogh collection with its 28” x 7” herringbone.

Stunning stone

A stone herringbone floor is sure to bring a cool sophistication to any room, from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms. Look to our Knight Tile and Opus ranges for modern herringbone tiles in marble and limestone designs.

Traditional parquet

Ideal for recreating a classic style in a period home, our Art Select oak parquet designs come in traditional 9 x 3” planks which can be laid in either herringbone or block patterns.

Go large

In larger open plan rooms, changing the scale by laying full sized planks in a herringbone pattern will add character without losing the feeling of space.

Explore our Herringbone Collection

The choice is yours

Herringbone landing page content.jpg

Room to room

Taking the same design from room to room in different sizes and patterns will create a sense of continuity whilst giving each space its own identity. There are so many options available, such as highlighting an activity area or creating a rug effect with a herringbone pattern alongside full sized planks or tiles in straight lay or a diagonal pattern.

Mix it up

For a statement style that’s uniquely you, why not combine complementary or contrasting designs for a stunning geometric effect. Select two, three or more of your favourite designs and get creative!

Explore our Herringbone Collection