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Scotias and skirting board

Add the perfect finishing touch to your floor

Our rigid core designs require a suitable edge trim to accommodate an expansion gap around the perimeter of your room. Our collection of colour matched scotias have been designed to offer you a seamless finish when selecting a wood or stone design from our stylish rigid core range. If you prefer to opt for a clean white, we have a white paintable scotia and skirting board.

Our scotia and skirting board are available in the following sizes:

  • Scotias: 2400mm x 17.3mm x 17.3mm
  • Skirting board: 2400mm x 100mm x 19mm

If you would like help selecting your rigid core floor, we recommend using our find a retailer tool to look for your nearest retailer or booking a free personal design consultation with our team on 01386 820182 or email:


SCO-VGW107T Blush Oak.jpg

Blush Oak scotia

SCO-VGW110T Greige Oak.jpg

Greige Oak scotia

SCO-VGW120T Grey Brushed Oak.jpg

Grey Blush Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8105 Texas White Ash.jpg

Texas White Ash scotia

SCO-VGW82T Distressed Oak.jpg

Distressed Oak scotia

SCO-VGW112T Misty Grey Oak.jpg

Misty Grey Oak scotia

SCO-VGW81T Country Oak.jpg

Country Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8116 Canadian Urban Oak.jpg

Canadian Urban Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8101 Baltic Washed Oak.jpg

Baltic Washed Oak scotia

SCO-VGW115T Natural Prime Oak.jpg

Natural Prime Oak scotia

SCO-VGW121T Warm Brushed Oak.jpg

Warm Brushed Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8111 Baltic Limed Oak.jpg

Baltic Limed Oak scotia

SCO-VGW85T French Oak.jpg

French Oak scotia

SCO-VGW122T Golden Brushed Oak.jpgGolden Brushed Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8117 Canadian Nude Oak.jpg

Canadian Nude Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8103 Warm Ash.jpg

Warm Ash scotia

SCO-VGW86T Classic Oak.jpg

Classic Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8115 English Character Oak.jpg

English Character Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8104 Washed Grey Ash.jpg

Washed Grey Ash scotia

SCO-RKP8107 Smoked Butternut.jpg

Smoked Butternut scotia

SCO-RKP8112 Baltic Mistral Oak.jpg

Baltic Mistral Oak scotia

SCO-RKP8110 Antique French Oak.jpg

Antique French Oak scotia

SCO-VGW123T Salvaged Barnwood.jpg

Salvaged Barnwood scotia

SCO-RKT2405 Cotswold Stone.jpg

Cotswolds Stone scotia

SCO-RKT2401 Frosted Stone.jpg

Frosted Stone scotia

SCO-RKT2403 Metro Grey.jpg

Metro Grey scotia

SCO-RKT2402 Urban Grey.jpg

Urban Grey scotia

SCO-RKT2406 Volcanic Black.jpg

Volcanic Black scotia


White scotia

1920x1920 SK100-White.jpg

White skirting board