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Knight Tile

Click on the flooring swatches below to view more information and request samples.

Knight Tile Gluedown

The Knight Tile range is filled with effortlessly stylish Canadian classics that have universal appeal. This is our most versatile range of products, offering a diverse mix of wood species and natural stones across varied sizes and formats. Knight Tile has a look for everyone, regardless of your room size or personal style.

Most of the designs within this collection require a gluedown installation. However, with 10 colours available in an additional rigid core format, you can choose the format that fits your needs in a colour that suits your decor. 

Knight Tile_CMYK_Gluedown.jpg

Knight Tile Gluedown



Suitable for Any Budget 80x80.jpg


 No expansion
gap required
 Suitable for
any budget
 Personalize with
design strips


Gluedown ranges provide peace of mind that planks will be permanently adhered to your subfloor. This format gives you various lay patterns to choose from and the ability to personalize the direction, create a pattern or use design strips to create an inlay border or shiplap effect. Learn more about using our design components.

Knight Tile gluedown properties

Size: 12" x 12" or 12" x 18" Tiles - 36" x 4" or 36" x 6" Planks

Wear Layer: 12mil

Thickness: 2mm

Residential Warranty: Lifetime

Product Code: Begins with KP, ST or T

Available colors: 27