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How to buy a Karndean floor

Shop Local

Karndean Designflooring began as a family business, which is why we choose to support independent family businesses and not sell our products at big box stores. Our luxury vinyl flooring is sold exclusively through specialty flooring retailers, ensuring you get the professional guidance and expertise you’re seeking.

Preparing for Your Retailer Visit

RL01 Spring Oak_Green MoodBoard_CM_Transparent.png

To prepare for your retailer visit, we recommend gathering a list of colours you like and the product ranges they’re from so that you can be sure to visit a retailer who displays those products in-store.

Have you already chosen elements for your new room design? Be sure to bring those samples with you to find the floor colour that ties everything together.


Search for Karndean Retailers

Enter your postal code into the Find a Retailer search tool to see a list of Karndean retailers near you, sorted from stores with the most amount of Karndean displays in store to the least. You can also choose to sort by distance.

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