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Karndean reviews

Real Life Stories

"I decided to choose Karndean Loose Lay Longboard. It’s warm underfoot and so easy to keep clean. I am so happy that I decided to use Karndean in my house and I always recommend it to anyone that’s building or renovating". – Pat T

Pat T - 1 (1).jpg Pat T - 1 (2).jpg

"We chose Karndean Designflooring as they have a wide range of realistic, natural and beautiful designs. We were looking for a durable, and low maintenance floor and Karndean provided exactly that. Karndean floors are not only both resilient and easy to clean, but also non-toxic and hygienic. I am very happy with the results, and the floors look and feel amazing"". - Melinda H


Melinda Hourigan - installation.png

"I would recommend Karndean Designflooring to anyone who is looking for a beautiful floor, with a wide range of colours, durable floors for a high traffic area, a low acoustic floor, perfect for pets, or high traffic areas, premium quality flooring that lasts a lifetime." - Jody

Jody - 1.jpeg

"The extensive flooring designs at Karndean allowed me to find the perfect flooring that not only I love, but also creates a beautiful space that is both inviting and inspiring. Along with the beautiful design of Karndean floors, they are also durable, value for money, and provides lifetime warranty." Deb Morfett (Yamba NSW)

Deb Morfett - 1.jpg

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