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Create a stylish and inspiring home office

Posted on the 12/04/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

As we find ourselves working at home more, or even for the first time, it’s important that we find a way to create a separation between our working and non-working hours. Making this distinction will boost our sense of wellbeing and help us manage both work and family commitments.

Dedicating a specific space for working is key to creating a harmonious experience. With a smart design you can carve out an area in your home that will maximise your productivity.

Choose an area as free from distractions as possible, ideally where you can shut yourself away from other family activities. You’ll be surprised how little room you need to design an inspiring workspace. Perhaps just a small desk where you can place a laptop, phone and notebook. You might consider converting a spare bedroom or utilising a corner or alcove of a less used room.

Natural light helps us to feel energised so placing your desk close to a window will maximise the available light, while a stylish lamp adds useful task lighting. Next, ensure your sitting posture protects your back with a supportive chair, using cushions if necessary so that you are sitting at the right height.

Above image features VGW80T White Washed Oak

Now you have a workspace that you can comfortably work in and have organised your desk so you have everything you need to hand, why not have some fun personalising your space. Adding personal effects such as photos of loved ones, cheerful images and house plants will make this somewhere you will enjoy spending time.

Decorating your new home office with a warm colour palette and natural materials will help you to establish a much needed calm oasis. Selecting a light neutral shade on the walls paired with a contrasting darker hue or patterned wallpaper around your working area will create a stimulating style with effective visual separation.

Complete your new look home office with a fresh natural look floor and you are sure to create an environment that will motivate you to work productively. Key to focusing on the task in hand is reducing noise distractions from other areas of your home and this is where your flooring can really add value.

Above image features LLP92 Country Oak and LLP310 Champagne Oak

Installing a rigid core or loose lay flooring can significantly reduce noise levels for a much calmer environment. Our Korlok and LooseLay ranges are surprisingly quiet underfoot and feature pre-attached acoustic layers to reduce noise transfer from upstairs rooms by up to 21dB.

With no need for adhesive or extensive subfloor preparation, these easy-fit collections are ideal for laying directly over your existing floor and come in a wide range of realistic wood and stone designs. So, if you are a dab hand at DIY, you can achieve a beautiful new look for your allocated workspace in no time at all.