Stone Borders

Add interest to your floor with one of our decorative stone borders?

To help you choose, we’ve made some suggestions below.


 Art Select Logo  Art Select Borders

LM16 Fiore - Art Select

LM15 Otono



Diamond Border


LM15 | LM16



 Da Vinci Logo  Da Vinci Borders

  CER13 Eisen - Da Vinci

CER13 Eisen


Quadrant border




CER14 Carbon - Da Vinci

CER14 Carbon


Accent border





CER15 Dune


Dayvne border


CER15 | AF06


  CER16 Sable - Da Vinci

CER16 Sable


Dayvne 2-colour border


CER16 | CER15 | AF06


  CER19 Burnet - Da Vinci

CER19 Burnet


Kousa Framed border

Kousa Framed

CER19 | DS12

  CER20 Cambric - Da Vinci

CER20 Cambric


Kousa border


CER20 | CER21




 Knight Tile Logo Knight Tile Borders


ST11 York Stone - Knight Tile

ST11 York Stone



Light Mosaic

ST11 | ST12 | ST13


ST12 Bath Stone - Knight Tile

ST12 Bath Stone



Light Mosaic

ST11 | ST12 | ST13

  ST13 Portland Stone - Knight Tile

ST13 Portland Stone


Light Mosaic

ST11 | ST12 | ST13


Dark Mosaic

ST13 | ST14 | T100


Light Mackintosh

ST13 | ST14



ST14 Cumbrian Stone - Knight Tile

ST14 Cumbrian Stone



Dark Mackintosh

ST14 | ST13


Dark Mosaic

ST14 | ST12 | ST13 | DS10


T100 Orkney - Knight Tile

T100 Orkney


Dark Mosaic

T100 | ST13 | ST14 | SP111