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We offer a range of design extras to allow you to add your own Designflooring inspiration to your floor. Uses of design strips, boarder and features will help you create your own unique style to the space

Due to our products varying in thickness, it’s important to check if your design strip or border is compatible with the product you’ve selected. See the full list of design strips.

For more information and guidance about the numerous design options you can add to your space, or our custom design service, please speak to your nearest retailer.

Visit Find A Retailer and enter your post code, or call our customer service team 1800 331 170 (AU page)/ 0800 442 100 (NZ page)

Some handy tips

  • Lay planks on a 45-degree angle, or tiles in a diamond formation, to make narrow spaces in hallways or bathrooms feel wider.
  • Choose a contrasting strip colour to make the design of the product stand out.
  • For more of a subtle addition, use a design strip in a similar colour to the main floor, but play around with laying patterns. This allows the design, rather than the colours, become the feature.
  • Borders don’t have to just go around an edge of the room. Try using them in a larger space or hallway to create the effect of a rug, with the border acting as the edge of the rug. Or place it around a feature in the room, such as an island bench.


AP02 Auburn Oak Living SQ AUS CM.jpg ST13 Portland Stone Hallway Strip Detail CM.jpg