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Woman placing felt pads on the bottom of a stool

Floor Cleaning Hints and Tips

  • Sweep your floors to remove grit or dirt.
  • Cleaning with a pH neutral, fragrance-free vinyl flooring cleaner (such as Karndean Clean) will keep your floor looking its best.
  • Mop spills as soon as possible, using Karndean Clean or another pH-neutral and fragrance free cleaner approved for use with vinyl floors.
  • Avoid using regular household cleaners and bleach-based detergents, as these can make the floor slippery and can cause discoloration.
  • Use load-bearing castors to protect against indentation from heavy furniture.
  • Apply protective pads to the bottoms of furniture that directly touches the floor (chair legs, tables, etc.).
  • Avoid dragging or sliding heavy items across the floor.
  • Place mats by doorways to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked indoors. Ensure your mats are non-rubber backed to prevent discoloration.
  • As with any flooring, furniture and shoe soles rubbing on your floor can cause unsightly scruff marks. A simple solution is to use a tennis ball or a cleaning eraser sponge to lightly buff away the scuff mark.
  • You may wish to apply Karndean Remove and Refresh to your floor once or twice a year to restore its finish.