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Karndean Clean being poured into a bucket

Everyday Cleaning

Taking Care of Your Karndean Floor

One of the biggest benefits of having a Karndean floor in your home is that it is low maintenance and easy to clean. Once your installation has been completed you should wait until the adhesive is fully cured before cleaning or moving furniture into the space.

To keep your floor looking its best, follow these simple everyday cleaning steps:

VGW85T French Oak Cleaning Sweeping Floor_CM.jpg

Step 1:

Sweep your floors to remove grit or dirt.

VGW85T French Oak Cleaning Mopping Floor_CM.jpg

Step 2:

Mop with Karndean Clean or other pH neutral, fragrance free cleaner approved for use with vinyl floors.

Routine maintenance with Karndean Clean will safely kill and remove germs on the floor’s surface, including Coronavirus COVID-19 (just as washing your hands with soap and water kills and removes germs).

VGW85T FrenchOak GirlsShoes LS_CM.jpg

Step 3:

Allow your floor to dry completely before walking on it.