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Smoked Butternut RKP8107 in a laundy room with a dog food bowl on the floor

Inspiring Ideas for Laundry Room Flooring

Practical, Convenient and Waterproof Laundry Room Floors

Just because your laundry room has to be practical and functional, it doesn't mean you need to compromise on style or comfort. We have a great range of beautiful stone and ceramic effects to choose from. Or you could choose to bring the wood look through from your kitchen for a more open feel.

Designs to Suit Any Laundry or Mud Room

If you like simple lines and sleek designs, then check out the large format concrete designs in our Opus range. Our Art Select slates are a popular stylish and hard-wearing alternative solution. For smaller tiles our Knight Tile collection offers a wide selection of attractive stone designs. If you prefer a wood look, the sky’s the limit. Our styles range from characterful rustic and weathered designs to painted neutrals and contemporary Scandinavian.

If you want to change your floor frequently, consider one of our loose lay designs. Individual planks and tiles can easily be replaced if needed. For peace of mind, all our floors are waterproof and have a lifetime residential warranty. Browse our laundry room flooring images below to find the perfect look for your home.