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Light grey Textum plank floor with plant, candle, and book on a coffee table

Gluedown Ranges

Because gluedown planks and tiles are installed individually, these products offer the highest level of personalization. Create a layout and design that makes your home more stylish and functional, while remaining affordable and faster to install than other types of hard surface flooring.

Why would you want a gluedown floor?

Wide range of designs icon  

Design Options: Our widest range of designs, colors, textures and sizes.

Design strips and borders icon  

Personalization: With our gluedown ranges, you have complete control over the look of your floor, from the lay pattern to the incorporation of our design components.

Utility knife icon  

Individually Replaceable: Ability to replace individual planks and tiles.

Gluedown icon  

Glued Down: Planks and tiles are permanently secured to the subfloor.

What does Karndean offer in gluedown?

Our gluedown ranges are Art SelectVan Gogh, Opus and Knight Tile.‚Äč


Art Select Range Icon

Effortlessly Stylish and

Full of Character

View the Art Select Range

*All Art Select gluedown colors are also available in our rigid core format.

Van Gogh Gluedown Range Icon

Enduring American Style

and Performance

View the Van Gogh Gluedown Range

*All Van Gogh gluedown colors are also available in our rigid core format.

Opus Range Icon

Sought-after Designs Tailored to

Modern Trends

Learn About the Opus Range
Knight Tile Range Icon

Effortlessly Stylish with

Universal Appeal

View Knight Tile Gluedown Range

*All Knight Tile gluedown colors are also available in our rigid core format.