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Filled with fresh, contemporary visuals across a wide range of plank and tile sizes, the Opus 20mil gluedown range has a look to fit any project

No_Expansion_Gap_80_80.jpg Individually_replacable_80_80.jpg Suitable for Any Budget 80x80.jpg Design_Capabilities_80_80.jpg
No expansion
gap required
Suitable for
any budget
Personalize with
design strips

Personalize your designs by exploring possible laying patterns or use design components to highlight architectural features. Combine multiple Opus wood and stone visuals for transition-free wayfinding and zoning.

If your project calls for something sophisticated, with the ultimate "wow" factor, these floors may be just the solution. Learn more about the Heritage Collection

CLIF-01 Hallway thin.jpg

   Size Planks 36" x 4", 36" x 6", 48" x 9"
   Tiles 18" x 18", 18" x 24", 3" x 18", 18" x 36"
   9" x 9" Panel, 12" x 12" Panel
   Wear Layer 20mil
   Thickness 2.5mm
   Commercial Warranty 15 years

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