Color Series: Chocolate Brown

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A blend of primary colors, the color brown is a neutral tone that doesn’t actually sit on the color wheel.   

As we start to mix yellow and red with a smattering of blue, this color begins to turn a rich, chocolate brown. A popular color in many wood species including oak, beech and walnut, a chocolate toned floor offers a mix of comfort, earthiness and indulgence to a space. As a darker wood floor, picking the right complementing shades so that your space does not feel confined will be an important decision to make in your color scheme. Here are the top colors that we think work best with a chocolate brown floor: 

Pale Gray and Brown 

This combination of pale gray and chocolate is a popular and safe selection. The fresh and clean look of gray helps to modernize the traditional look of darker wood floors.

Karndean Colour Series: Brown with Grey

Image: Dover LLP93

When blending pale gray to a chocolate brown floor, be sure to look at the temperature and undertones of the gray. A green or blueish undertone works well with darker brown flooring, whereas cooler undertones will help to offset the warmth of chocolate brown.  

Mustard Yellow and Brown

A somewhat retro combination, most shades of yellow, from canary to gold, work well with a chocolate brown floor. The bright and joyful tone of yellow paired with the comfort of dark brown is a contrast that always works well. 

Yellow and brown decor scheme

Image: Atra WP317

Similar to black, selecting the the right shade and quantity of yellow to integrate will affect the look you’re going for.  A lemon yellow is the ideal summer shade, whereas a saffron yellow has a more calming effect.  

Navy, White and Brown

The pairing of navy and dark brown is a masculine combination. Mirroring where the sea meets the earth, the coolness of blue and earthiness of brown is a combination that can already be found in nature. Together it creates a dark, moody and sophisticated interior, and is one of the edgier color combos to opt for. In an interior with dark colors, you can also get away with and look to enhance the space with bolder pieces to make the room feel grander.

Navy and brown colour interiors

Image: Burnished Beech VGW97T

If you’re looking to take the edge off and make it less intense, select a lighter color like cream or white to help balance the space. Using this lighter shade on skirts, wall panels or pictures frames will help break up the space. 

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