Add strips and borders

Add a design strip or border to your floor

Karndean Designflooring offers commercial project specifiers one of the most flexible range of design options in the contract flooring market.

Choose a 3mm grout effect design strip in between stone or ceramic effect vinyl floor tile to recreate the look of natural stone or slate. Unlike real grout our design strips won't discolor with age and are supplied at the same depth as your main floor.

Design strips can also be used as borders around the edge of rooms, around key features such as reception desks and store payment zones or to edge walkways and corridors. Borders can be created as keylines, tramlines or combinations of different strip widths. Many of the 3mm strips are also available in wider 10mm or 30mm widths specifically for borders.

Karndean also provides a range of pre-defined borders for use with our premium flooring ranges.

There are no strips available for this product.

Metallic strips

These metallic strips are suitable for creating a design effect between tiles, due to the bevelled edge of this flooring range.

Design Strips

These design strips are suitable for using between floor tiles, due to the bevelled edge of this flooring range.

Feature strips

A 5mm wide range of strips for use as a subtle border around commercial spaces.

Design Strip Borders

These design strips are only suitable for use as keyline or tramline borders for this floor

Add a border to your floor

No specific borders are available for this product. However many design and feature strips can be used as keyline or tramline borders.

Logos, Zoning and Bespoke Flooring

Karndean Designflooring can be laid as sweeping curves, walkways or textured or colored zones. It can also be laid alongside other flooring such as carpets. Retail, hospitality and healthcare interior designers are only limited by their imagination in designing demarcation between areas or steering customers into different zones.

We also offer a bespoke service for incorporating company logos and signage into flooring such as in corporate reception areas or retail stores. If you need a floor in a different color, tone or size we offer a tailored floor design service.