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Karndean Designflooring to Debut 2021 Product Introductions at TISE

Posted on the 6/2/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

We are thrilled to unveil new Van Gogh, Korlok Reserve and Korlok Select rigid core visuals at The International Surface Event (TISE), June 16-18 in Las Vegas. Each with a unique history, these new visuals allow retailers to carry in-demand and on-trend products that set them apart from big box competitors. Visit booth 3837 to see the latest designs and learn more about how we elevate specialty flooring retailers above the competition and see flooring differently than every other luxury vinyl manufacturer.

We continue to expand upon color options from the pioneering Van Gogh gluedown range in an additional rigid core format, for a total of 20 gluedown/rigid core crossover colors. These latest Van Gogh rigid core colors include native Australasian wood designs. “Most Americans would have never been exposed to these woods in their natural form, yet they exhibit character with enduring American appeal,” Karndean Designflooring director of marketing Jenne Ross said.

American maple is relatively straight grained and fine textured, but Karndean designers fumed boards of the wood to enhance its underlying features; thus creating one of the new designs in the Korlok Reserve rigid core range. Other new visuals include a clean, yet characterful elm design that creates distinctive floors with depth and character; and the fine, close texture of European sycamore.

From oak floorboards of an old railway station tucked away in the Highlands of Scotland to your showroom, a new oak design within the premier Karndean rigid core range, Korlok Select, features a new registered emboss that brings the design to life. Other additions to the range include Baltic Coastal Oak, a new colorway of the range’s existing Baltic oak design; and two existing colorways (Texas White Ash and Canadian Urban Oak) in an additional 24” x 6” herringbone format. 

Follow along with us from the TISE show floor using #SeeFlooringDifferently.