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Rigid core flooring technology meets design flexibility with Korlok Select

Posted on the 5/6/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Following the immense success of our premier rigid core, click-locking range Korlok Select, we have expanded the range to include 12 new colors, three of which are available in a 56” x 9” plank and an innovative new 24” x 6” herringbone plank.

Known for our original product designs, we created the new Korlok Select visuals from rare and treasured American and European woods. These unique designs, combined with industry-leading rigid core technology, make Korlok Select the perfect choice for projects that need completing quickly.

Hawaiian Koa

Natural Koa RKP8122Natural Koa RKP8122

A species of acacia, and in the same family as walnut, Hawaiian koa is a protected wood and can no longer be harvested. Too costly and scarce for flooring, our Hawaiian koa is produced in its natural coloring and two unique colors to suit today’s interior trends.

American Barnwood

Salvaged Barnwood  RKP8209 SM-RKP8209Salvaged Barnwood RKP8209, SM-RKP8209

Salvaged in the northeast, the American barnwood design was developed from antique barn siding that had been naturally eroded by the elements to produce splintered boards with deep grooves. Natural finishing oils brought to life the boards that had faded over time, while lively color and character shifts promote the wood’s extreme variation of features.

The three American barnwoods are available in both a full-size 56” x 9” plank and a new 24” x 6” herringbone format, an innovative design advancement within the rigid core category. With these two sizes, you can have color continuity from room to room without sacrificing the ability to have a pattern within the floor. Lay the full-size plank (shown above, left) in open floor layouts and the herringbone plank (shown above, right) in smaller areas, such as bathrooms and entryways, to make the space appear wider.

English Oak

Oyster Oak RKP8202
Oyster Oak RKP8202

The English oaks were sourced from a British woodland within South Oxfordshire, home to Oxford University and a region known for its stunning country homes and gardens. Expressive shadow-sawn markings within the planks were inspired by the weathered stonework seen in the town. Tonal color variation creates a blended effect, while gray and beige matte oils produce light contemporary colors.

Brushed Oak

Warm Brushed Oak RKP8215
Warm Brushed Oak RKP8215

Reflecting the clean lines and simplicity of Scandinavian style, this design features minimal tonal variation. The source boards were wire-brushed to heighten the unique and interesting grain pattern, which is a combination of flowery and straight grain. The texture created by this process inspired a new and original registered emboss that beautifully aligns with the grain detail.

Baltic Oak

Baltic Washed Oak RKP8101
Baltic Washed Oak RKP8101

Drawing inspiration from the Baltic region of Europe, this design was achieved by mixing wood grades, from ultra-prime to mature grade, a process not available in hardwood. Colored oils were then applied to create a washed effect.

European Oak

Barley Oak RKP8206
Barley Oak RKP8206

Retaining the much-loved characteristics of natural, prime grade European oak, light detailing within the tight grain is reflective of the machine brushing and rapid dehydration that occurs within the sawn boards.

Industry-Leading Technology

Korlok Select features several elements that aid the speed and ease of installation, including 5G® drop and lock technology, minimal subfloor preparation and no need for adhesive. The company’s 100% waterproof, proprietary K-core technology provides a rigid core that allows for installation over most existing hard floors and uneven subfloors. Ideal for environments where acoustics are a primary concern, Korlok Select’s pre-attached acoustic foam backing helps to reduce noise transfer to rooms below by 22dB. The range was honored with a Good Design Award® following its initial release in 2017.

Korlok Select planks are sized 56” x 9” (herringbone planks 24”x 6”) and have a 20mil wear layer. Only Korlok Select is backed by the HoldFast Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees end joint integrity. Explore the entire Korlok Select range and request samples of your favorites!