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Join Us at Surfaces to Change the Way You See Flooring

Posted on the 1/8/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Inviting all retail store owners and associates, commercial designers and architects, and flooring installers to visit booth 4507 at The International Surface Event in Las Vegas to See Flooring Differently. From original visuals to designability and ordering, the unique Karndean Designflooring approach to luxury vinyl will change the way you see, design and specify flooring.

See Flooring Differently

We have been a family-owned business since 1973, hand-selecting materials from around the world to develop original product designs across gluedown, loose lay and rigid core constructions, and combining these designs with cutting-edge technology for industry-leading performance. See first-hand how “Seeing Flooring Differently” is at the core of all aspects of Karndean and allows you to gain a higher margin and increase referrals, in addition to offering a protected way to grow your business.

“Designflooring refers to how we develop original designs, the component-style system of our luxury vinyl, and the personalized collaboration between an end user and their retailer or designer, to build a floor unique to the style and function of a space,” Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Larry Browder said. “Our most successful partners are the ones who embrace our Designflooring philosophy.”

New Products Across Three Premium Constructions

Glacier Oak RL-21, Glacier Oak Parquet SM-RL21
Art Select: Glacier Oak RL21 and Glacier Oak parquet SM-RL21

In total, 45 new products will debut at the show, with new designs available across gluedown, loose lay and rigid core constructions. The handcrafted Art Select gluedown range brings the beauty of natural wood to life through meticulous attention to detail and careful selection of the most beautiful and inspiring woods. This range includes our most intricate designs, realistic embosses and distinctive beveled edges. Follow the journey from inspiration to final product, as source boards of hickory, chestnut and oak will appear alongside the new visuals.

Oyster Oak RKP8202
Korlok Select: Oyster Oak RKP8202

Following the immense success of our premier rigid core collection, Korlok Select, Karndean will add Hawaiian Koas, English and European Oaks, and American Barnwood visuals to the range. Featuring waterproof, 100% PVC K-Core technology for installation over most existing hard floors, Korlok Select is the only rigid core product on the market to feature the security of the HoldFast 5G Locking Mechanism, which guarantees securely locked planks stay in place. For environments where acoustics are a primary concern, Korlok Select has an industry-leading ΔIIC of 22dB.

“Select” Collections Introduce Parquet Accent Planks

Art Select and Korlok Select will introduce shorter parquet accent planks in addition to their full 56” x 9” size, allowing homeowners and designers to scale the format to different sized rooms. Parquet accent planks are perfect to use in small areas or breakout spaces or in adjoining rooms when used alongside the longer plank.

Within Art Select, Glacier Oak is offered in both a 56” x 9” plank and an 18” x 3” parquet format. Create a high-end look in a variety of patterns by laying the two sizes either alone or together in a variety of patterns, including herringbone, chevron, block, or on a diagonal with a full plank border.

Korlok Select offers three American Barnwood colors in a 56” x 9” plank and 24” x 6” parquet format. Parquet planks within this construction may be laid in a herringbone pattern and may be bordered with the full size planks with the use of a transition strip. The advent of a rigid core product that may be laid in a pattern is a groundbreaking development within this segment, a testament to our design innovation within LVT.

Smoked Oak SCB70 Country Oak SCB81
Van Gogh Rigid Core: Smoked Oak SCB70, Country Oak SCB81

The success of Korlok Select has prompted us to introduce 14 time-honored visuals from the Van Gogh gluedown range in an additional rigid core option. The pioneering Van Gogh gluedown range was first introduced in 2001 and its enduring American style and performance captures nature in its rawest form. Popular favorites include Reclaimed Maple, Aged Redwood, Country Oak and Vintage Pine.

Lastly, the award-winning LooseLay Longboard range, our non-interlocking floating range, gains eight new designs that can be categorized as either Fabric Oaks, American Pines, or European Oaks. Due to its 59” length and loose lay application, this collection is ideal for overnight retrofits and projects that require a speedy turnaround. LooseLay Longboard allows for an easy transition to carpet tile, its planks and tiles may be individually replaced, and it reduces noise transfer by 16dB.

Visit booth 4507 to see each of these Karndean Designfloors and more and change the way you see flooring! Follow along on social media with #SeeFlooringDifferently.