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Easy Decision: For Me, It’s LVT

Posted on the 5/23/2024 by Ty Pennington

So you want to replace a floor. Or maybe you’re thinking even bigger – upgrading an entire room.

You may have an idea what color floor you want, whether it’s to complement kitchen cabinets and a countertop, or to set the tone as part of an entirely new space being imagined from scratch. But when you start researching online or walk into your local flooring retailer, you’ll probably realize the color you’ve got in mind is only part of the flooring equation – you also need to decide what type of flooring to buy.

Ty Pennington installing Ivory Brushed Oak RKP8217 floors and the final room reveal
Ty chose Ivory Brushed Oak RKP8217 for a cottage renovation in Savannah, Ga.

All things being equal, I’m going with luxury vinyl tile (otherwise known as LVT). If you want the look of hardwood or natural stone in your space, LVT delivers the most value: style, durability and performance.

Let’s start with the practical stuff.

No. 1, LVT is waterproof. It won’t swell, crack or warp, making it suitable for any room. Whether you’re talking about spills from the stovetop or splashes from the shower, they’ll wipe up easily with LVT. And speaking of spills, LVT is easy to clean and stain-resistant. A broom and mop with a pH neutral cleaner gets the job done.

Bathroom with freestanding tub with Caliza Classico LM39 | AKT-LM39 floors
Caliza Classico (LM39 | AKT-LM39) has a soft, warm limestone look. Available in June 2024, the elegant design is a new addition to our high-end Art Select collection.

Durability is another major benefit. Backed by a lifetime residential warranty, Karndean LVT has K-Guard+® surface protection and is available with a range of wear layers to withstand everyday wear and tear, from 12 mil up to commercial-grade wear layers of 20 mil and 30 mil.

Have pets? It’s scratch-resistant, too.

OK, now for the fun part.

The creative possibilities! Going back to the idea of color, you’ll have hundreds of shades to choose from in all kinds of wood and stone looks – oak, ash, hickory, slate, onyx, marble … basically, the look of any natural material used for flooring is available as LVT.

But here’s where it really gets good: With LVT, you’re not limited to basic straight lay patterns – planks and tiles can be laid to create stylish, eye-catching installations. It could be a timeless herringbone or checkerboard pattern, or something completely custom and unique to your space. That’s because planks and tiles can be cut in different shapes and fit together like your very own puzzle, as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Transition from wood to stone looks with designs from the same Karndean collection, and use LVT design strips and decorative borders for even more customization … like I said, so many possibilities!

Kitchen with Ashland LLP95 herringbone floors
Part of the Karndean LooseLay collection, Ashland LLP95 can be installed in a stylish herringbone pattern.

You don’t have to be a design pro to create your dream floor, either. Karndean is available exclusively from flooring specialty retailers who have the experience and expertise to help. Ready to get started? Find a retailer in your area here.

Ty Pennington is a designer, carpenter and TV host. A two-time Primetime Emmy Award winner for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on ABC and current host of “Rock The Block” and “Battle On The Beach” on HGTV, Ty’s style, creativity and positive energy have endeared him to homeowners and TV audiences for over 20 years.