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‘You’re getting the best’

Posted on the 6/25/2024 by Ty Pennington

I’m a big fan of LVT flooring. I can always find just the right color, no matter what vibe I’m going for. Creatively, I can use it for really cool custom installations – LVT can be cut to different shapes and sizes before being pieced together and glued down, kind of like creating your own puzzle.

None of that would matter much if LVT didn’t deliver such awesome performance. It’s durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. If you’ve got kids or pets running around, trust me – LVT is going to save you *a lot* of headaches.

But here’s the thing:

Not all LVT is created equal.

A lot of companies sell it … but a whole lot of companies sell cars too, and it’s no secret some cars are made better than others. With Karndean and LVT, it’s simple: You’re getting the best. All their collections offer something a little different, but I absolutely love the new Art Select.

Dune Oak RL24 | AKP-RL24 in a kitchenDune Oak (RL24 | AKP-RL24)

No. 1: Raising The Bar For Beauty

Art Select has the most beautifully realistic wood and stone looks I’ve ever seen, hands down. Karndean gathers wood and stone from literally all over the world (more on that in a minute), then their product design team goes to work, with hands-on techniques to enhance and capture the unique characteristics before replicating the natural materials in exacting detail as LVT.

Believe me, the artistry, craftsmanship and attention to detail in their process is special, and it definitely shows in the final product. It’s virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood and stone flooring, all the way down to the beveled edges.

Close up of Dove Artisan Oak RL30 | AKP-RL30 floors in a kitchenDove Artisan Oak (RL30 | AKP-RL30) represents extraordinary craftsmanship and artistry. A hand-etched emboss precisely traces the grain of the source timber, giving the design an ultra-realistic wood look and feel.

No. 2: Livable Luxury

I mentioned how Karndean hand selects natural materials from around the world, and I wasn’t kidding. Art Select includes new stone looks inspired by luxurious materials that simply would be impractical (not to mention ridiculously expensive) for a family home. Calacatta d’Oro is inspired by marble from one of Italy’s oldest mountain quarries. Two other new looks, Rose Onyx and Pearl Onyx, were inspired by Persian onyx, a semi-precious gemstone.

 Calacatta d'Oro LM33 | AKT-LM33 in a kitchen; Rose Onyx LM36 | AKT-LM36 floors in a bathroomBring the opulent look and feel of Italian marble into your home with Calacatta d’Oro (LM33 | AKT-LM33). Rose Onyx (LM36 | AKT-LM36) is a bold, boundary-pushing look inspired by the semi-precious gemstone onyx.

On the wood side of things, Basque Oak and Serrano Oak originated with a centuries-old holm oak in Spain. Holm oak generally isn’t used as flooring – it’s typically found within stone-walled enclosures for farm animals that feed on the acorns! Through a bit of good luck, Karndean procured the wood as part of a woodland-management program and created these clean-looking designs in two sizes: 56” x 9” and a slim 28” x 4.5”.

No. 3: Another Thing To Consider

While your first priority is probably getting the perfect look, there are a couple other things worth mentioning about Art Select.

Every wood and stone design is available in two installation formats: gluedown and rigid core. While gluedown is great for doing the custom installations I mentioned earlier, rigid core LVT clicks and locks together, no adhesive needed. It’s faster and easier to install, which minimizes disruption, and it’s got a backing layer that gives you some extra cushion while reducing noise to lower floors – a great option for upstairs bedrooms or children’s playrooms.

With Art Select, the choice is yours.

No. 4: Last But Not Least

Flooring is an investment, and Art Select allows you to buy with confidence. It’s made to last and retain its beauty, with a top-of-the-line 30 mil wear layer for superior protection against everyday wear and tear. Like all Karndean LVT, it’s backed by a lifetime residential warranty.

Explore the beautiful new Art Select wood and stone designs, and find a Karndean retailer in your area.


Ty Pennington is a designer, carpenter and TV host. A two-time Primetime Emmy Award winner for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on ABC and current host of “Rock The Block” and “Battle On The Beach” on HGTV, Ty’s style, creativity and positive energy have endeared him to homeowners and TV audiences for over 20 years.