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House of Hamburger Baltic Limed Oak RKP8111

Karndean Creates a “Worry-free” Rental Property

Posted on the 12/1/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

Disclosure: Karndean Designflooring partnered with Hannah Hamburger to provide the flooring materials for this project. Photo credit: Hannah Hamburger.

For homeowner and designer Hannah Hamburger, the town of Michiana is a wooded utopia that allows one to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the bustle of nearby Chicago. Its ideal location, less than 10 minutes away from the shores of Lake Michigan, and a love of the town itself led Hannah to purchase a rental property there. However, there were parts of the home, particularly the carpet and tile throughout, that needed some modern-day upgrades.

“We wanted a consistent flooring that was soft on the feet, warm wood tones, and seamless transitions from living space to bedrooms. The tiles and carpet that were there felt disjoined and dated,” Hannah said.  In addition to a floor that visually brought the home up to date, the flooring also needed to perform. “Since it is a short-term rental, it had to be durable and easy to maintain,” she added.

While researching flooring options, Hannah instantly connected with Karndean’s history as a family-owned and operated business. “I love the Karndean backstory as a family business, and loved the realistic wood flooring options even more,” she said. Hannah brought several samples into the space, and compared each color with other permanent fixtures, including kitchen cabinets and a wood mantel.

Baltic Limed Oak RKP8111 in the living, dining and kitchen areas

Baltic Limed Oak RKP8111 was the perfect choice for Hannah’s property. According to Hannah, “They look like real wood and they work in the living area, kitchen and bedrooms. They are a warm neutral that goes with the cozy vibes I wanted. The floors set the tone for the entire rental.”

With all of the aesthetic needs met, how does Hannah feel her floors hold up to renters? “Worry free for rentals! They truly exceeded my expectations. Beauty and durability can coincide! LVP has come a long way and Karndean does it beautifully,” she said.

Keep up with Hannah’s latest projects on her Instagram page.