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Whitney Simpson collab LLP330 basement

Whitney Simpson’s Stylish Basement Upgrade

Posted on the 8/9/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

Disclosure: Karndean Designflooring partnered with Whitney Simpson to provide the flooring materials for this project. Photo credit: Whitney Simpson.

An interior designer by day, Whitney Simpson is familiar with choosing flooring for all types of spaces, but when it came to renovating the basement in her Idaho home where she resides with her family – including her husband, four children and one dog– she was excited to start from scratch!

Like most basements, Whitney’s originally had a “cold and uninviting” concrete slab, but she knew exactly what type of flooring she wanted to put over it. “I wanted to do a luxury vinyl plank with an area rug so my kids could still play down there during cold Idaho winter months, and I wouldn’t have to worry about spills or scratches.”

After initially hearing about Karndean Designflooring on social media, Whitney soon realized that her parents have Karndean in their home, too (and love it)! “I started to do research and saw how amazing the products are. I also loved the huge selection! So many options for so many places.”


With those details settled, the next step was choosing a color. “I knew I wanted something that was a little warmer and with some variation.” Ultimately, Whitney landed on Worn Fabric Oak LLP330 from the LooseLay Longboard range. “I felt like the pattern and texture on the planks made it look more realistic. It’s a perfect mixture of grays and browns, so I love that whatever I pair with it will still look good and mesh. I also loved the idea of a loose lay so we can replace damaged planks if damage ever occurs!” Learn more about the loose lay format.

With the flooring recently installed, Whitney says, “Our basement doesn’t feel like a basement. It’s so warm and inviting. I LOVE that it’s waterproof and that my kids can just live down there and I won’t have to worry about upkeep. My sister-in-law just came over to see them and she was so impressed with the quality and the look.”

She added, “The feel on your feet is also great! Not too rough or slick at all. It’s a perfect texture.”


As a designer, Whitney offers some valuable advice for homeowners who will be going through the process of choosing new flooring:

“Samples, samples, samples. Flooring is a HUGE part of the look and feel of your home. Take the time to get samples and put them into your space. Each space is different based on lighting, paint colors, etc. - so it’s important to actually get the product into your space to see how it will look. I loved that I could compare all the samples in my space!”

What’s coming up for Whitney? “Because I’ve been so impressed with Karndean, I am using it in my next interior design project for a pediatric dental office!”

To see more of Whitney’s basement renovation and other interior design projects, follow her on Instagram!