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New Decade, New Home Style

Posted on the 1/27/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

The beginning of a new year, and a new decade, is an ideal time to consider giving your home a fresh new look, to create a space that will inspire you to take on the new era with confidence. Whether you choose to take on one particular room in your home or are planning to do a complete makeover, here are some design elements to consider – no interior designer required!

Keep it Simple with Small Updates

Perhaps there’s a space in your home that hasn’t been updated in a while, and you don’t have the time or budget to put into a complete renovation. Small and simple changes like updating your existing décor can make a big impact. Switching out curtains, throw pillows, lampshades or artwork is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh a room in your home. Look for accessories that complement the other colors in the space. An easy trick to this is to go a couple shades lighter or a couple shades darker than the existing colors in the room.

Taking on a Full Transformation

For spaces that require a full transformation or need to be repurposed for a different function, here are some things to think about. Start by choosing a focal point, which is the part of space that immediately draws attention when you enter it. The focal point of a room can be a wall, a piece of statement furniture, a bold lighting fixture, a fireplace, floor to ceiling windows, or even the floor (we’re a big advocate of this one)!

From there, think about the colors, patterns and textures you can incorporate into the décor. This is where you can really have fun expressing your personal style! Maybe your focal point is an accent wall – look for some fun patterned wallpaper! Considering changing paint colors altogether? Explore the 2020 colors of the year for some inspiration. A beautifully styled room will incorporate color, pattern and texture, but let “everything in moderation” be your mantra. Stick to one pattern, one accent color, and one type of texture for a balanced space that lets the focal point shine.

Be Inspired

Flooring shown: Natural Koa RKP8122

Whether the scale of your project is big or small, there are a lot of free digital interior design resources you can look to for inspiration or advice. Our social media community is full of fun and stylish ideas. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook, where we share images of our products and share photos of our followers’ projects. On Pinterest, we have created a range of boards to help you design your own personalized interpretation of the latest interior trends. You can also explore topics on our blog, from designing your Karndean floor to overall home interiors influences. 

Incorporating Karndean Designflooring into your 2020 home updates or making our floors the focal point of a room? Be sure to follow us and tag us in your photos – it might just be the next project we feature on our social networks!