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Design Savvy Ways to Reduce Home Energy Costs

Posted on the 2/17/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

It’s certainly no secret that home utilities costs increase during the winter months. In fact, according to US Department of Energy, 42% of home energy bills can be attributed to heating. As the temperatures drop, here are some ways to keep costs down without sacrificing your personal style!


Add some ambiance to your space and save money with LED lighting or bulbs, which only use a quarter of the energy required to power incandescent bulbs. Add extra coziness to your space with candles, either real or battery-operated. 

Take advantage of natural lighting during the day, but first ensure that your windows are sealed so that outside air doesn’t enter your home. For outdoor lighting, consider solar-powered options along sidewalks and pathways or explore programmable lighting options that shut off automatically.

If you are building a new home, orient the house so that it faces south. This will minimize energy consumption by capturing natural solar gain in the winter and block solar gain in the summer.

Window and Door Treatments

If you notice a draft from your windows, one quick fix is to pull the curtains or blinds closed in the evening to keep the cold air out and open them during the day if the windows face the sun. As a long-term solution, installing exterior storm windows can help to reduce heat loss by as much as 20%.

Around doors, you can install door jamb weather stripping (also called a door sweep), which attaches to the door frame, or use a door snake that slides against the door from the inside. You could even choose a printed fabric that coordinators with your existing décor and make your own as a DIY project!

Furniture Arrangements

Make sure that your furniture doesn’t block any air vents, restricting air flow, especially in common areas of your home. This gives you an excuse to move couches and hairs away from the walls and set up a more intimate seating area.

Karndean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vanilla Oak LLP333

Flooring is not commonly considered a way to offset rising heating costs; however because our luxury vinyl tile floors are warmer underfoot than many natural materials, including ceramic and porcelain tile, you won’t need to increase the temperature on the thermostat to increase your comfort level at home. Plus, our floors are softer underfoot than natural flooring materials too!

Although rugs or carpet are more often discussed as ways to stay warm underfoot, these floor coverings can harbor dirt, dust and other allergens. If you are looking to incorporate pattern or even create an area rug look, you can achieve this with our luxury vinyl.

For more ideas on creating a more energy-efficient home, visit the US Department of Energy website!