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Introducing Knight Tile Rigid Core

Posted on the 2/13/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

The Knight Tile range is filled with effortlessly stylish classics that have universal appeal, offering a diverse mix of wood species and natural stones, from neutral limestones to urban, cool gray woods. We are pleased to share that a selection of 13 of Knight Tile gluedown colors are now also available in rigid core!

As a consumer, this gives you the power to choose the construction that best fits your needs without sacrificing the color that you love!

For our retailers, you can now offer a full spectrum of Karndean rigid core products, from entry-level to our premier Korlok Select range, allowing you to expand your customer base.

The gluedown format provides peace of mind that planks will be permanently adhered to the subfloor and allows for personalization by choosing the direction and pattern in which planks and tiles are laid, including the addition of “design strips” to create an inlay border or shiplap effect.

Nickel Spotted Gum: Available in rigid core (SCB-KP140) and gluedown (KP140). Rigid core shown in image.

Alternatively, rigid core clicks and locks into place without the use of adhesive, meaning less disruption during installation. This format is our quietest to walk on, ideal for upper levels in the home where you may wish to minimize noise transfer to rooms below. 

Woods within the rigid core range are sized 48” x 7”  and stones are 12” x 24”. Like all Karndean rigid core products, Knight Tile rigid core is equipped with 100% waterproof K-Core® technology for installation over most existing hard floors with minimal upheaval for the consumer. Like their gluedown counterparts, Knight Tile rigid products have a 12mil wear layer, lifetime residential warranty and are finished with K-Guard+® surface protection.

Not sure which format you should choose? Learn more about our product formats.