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Spare Room Renovation

Posted on the 10/10/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Perhaps your children are grown or away at college and you’ve now found yourself with a lot of extra space around the house. Or maybe you have a spare room and want to find a creative way to make it fit your lifestyle. We’ve done some brainstorming to help jump start your spare room renovation!

Home Office

Winchester LLP97

Whether you do some work from home or need a spot to file your mail and bills, a home office is one way to add function to a spare room and remove clutter from other rooms. Tiny bedrooms typically have enough space for at least one desk and some shelving or file cabinets. Larger bedrooms could house multiple desks, or make it a dual home office and share the space with one of our other ideas.

Home Gym/Yoga Studio

Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T

Another way to make use of a spare room is to transform it into a place for health and wellness by turning it into a home gym or yoga studio. Our loose lay floors are an excellent addition to a space like this because it is our most ergonomic flooring format.

Laundry Room

Smoked Butternut RKP8107

Your days of lugging baskets of dirty laundry down flights of stairs just may be over. If your current plumbing allows, consider creating a laundry room in an upper level of your home. 

Guest Room

Grey Scandi Pine KP131

Making your spare room into a space for overnight guests is probably one of the first ideas that popped into your mind. However, if you want your space to be functional year-round, consider pairing it with one of our other spare room ideas. If the space was once a teenager’s room, it might need a bit of a sophisticated sprucing up. 

Home Lounge

Hudson LLP99

If your spare room is your basement, consider making it a space for entertaining! You can make it a place for family movie nights, a bar, a game room, or all three. 

Wardrobe Room

Atra WP317

Imagine having a room entirely for your clothes, shoes and accessories. Make those dreams come true by turning an empty room into a wardrobe or dressing room by re-designing it like a walk-in closet. Even if it’s not directly next to your master bedroom, if your closet space is less than desirable, a wardrobe room is an ideal option.

Regardless of what type of room you go with, we have durable, waterproof and family friendly luxury vinyl flooring to fit your space and style. Share your spare room renovations with us on Facebook or Instagram