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Get Daring with Herringbone

Posted on the 7/10/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

In our last blog, we explored the classic herringbone pattern and some traditional-style variations. If you’re looking to be a little more daring with the herringbone pattern, we have options to fit your style by playing with color! Consider one of these bolder herringbone designs.

Broken Herringbone*

Close up image of Glacier Oak SM-RL21 in a traditional herringbone layout of Glacier Oak SM-RL21 next to a rendering of a room with a broken herringbone floor
Traditional herringbone layout of Glacier Oak SM-RL21 (left), broken herringbone (right)

Easily transform your traditional herringbone pattern into a daring one with a "broken herringbone." In a broken herringbone layout, the pattern is interrupted (broken) by a row of straight planks at the point where the two angled pieces would meet. To create this look in a smaller space, like a powder room or a narrow hallway, choose from our parquet planks instead of using a larger size.

Blended Herringbone

Blended herringbone using Blended Oak RP95, Beach Driftwood RP101 and Double Smoked Acacia RP105
Blended herringbone using Blended Oak RP95Beach Driftwood RP101 and Double Smoked Acacia RP105

Keep in mind that you could do this with virtually any pattern, but blending multiple colors into one design allows you to create a unique look by randomly mixing colors together. Blending is a terrific design option with rustic-looking floors, such as the Da Vinci blend shown above, or if you want to create a floor with high color variation.

Alternating Herringbone*

Sushi cafe with open refrigeration and an alternating chevron pattern using Grano WP311 and Ignea WP313
Alternating chevron pattern using Grano WP311 and Ignea WP313

Create a bold zig-zag pattern by alternating colors horizontally or alternate colors vertically to break up the pattern, as shown in the chevron above. Depending on the size of the room and the selected colors, this could be overwhelming, so you may choose to do this to create an “area rug” in an entryway or under a dining room table.

Mixed Wood and Stone*

Wood to stone kitchen rendering using Dusk Oak HC03 and Washburn LM27
Wood to stone rendering using Dusk Oak HC03 and Washburn LM27

You could also transition between spaces by transforming your herringbone from a wood look to a stone look. We have several stone visuals that are available in a plank size format to make this even easier. As shown above, we recommend the combination of Dusk Oak wood look planks and Washburn stone look planks.

To get started on your daring herringbone floor, find a retailer near you!

*This layout is not compatible with our rigid core products.