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Love Your Home Décor

Posted on the 2/11/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Love is in the air! No matter what your relationship status is, this holiday gives you the perfect excuse to bring some love into your home. As the snow continues to accumulate outside, there is no better remedy to cure your winter blues than a mini indoor makeover.

Valentine's Day may only last for 24 hours, but that doesn't mean your décor should too. So skip the balloons, streamers and heart shaped banners, and up your game with lasting modern décor you'll love all year round.

Complementary Artwork  

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Wall décor is an easy way to add love-themed pieces to your space. Graphic prints in heart shapes are great statement pieces and will bring a pulse to your décor. Keep in mind that although traditional Valentine's Day colors tend to stick to reds and pinks, don’t restrict yourself to this palette. Love is color blind, so select artwork that will work well with your space's existing décor scheme. We are also seeing a trend in word art, making love quotes and phrases a fitting décor element. And if you are an avid DIYer, framing a greeting card from a loved one, or a favorite poem or song lyrics can bring a nice personal touch to your décor.

Flirty Florals

We all have a soft spot for flowers. Whether received as a gift or picked up personally from your local florist, floral arrangements will bring that automatic feeling of "amour" to your space. Roses are a classic Valentine's symbol, but you can choose any flower that coordinates with your home. Tulips are a fun choice and will transition nicely to spring décor, not that we are already counting down the days...   

Romantic Candles  

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Nothing screams romance louder than dim lighting and lit candles. While winter roars outside, get cozy indoors with the comforting warmth you'll feel by candle light. Try incorporating simple tea lights in mason jars, get a 3-wick candle of your favorite scent, or incorporate pillar candles of different heights into your existing mantle décor.

Flooring to Fall For

Korlok Select: English Character Oak RKP8115

If you are looking for a real love affair this Valentine's Day, installing new Karndean flooring will have you feeling head over heels for your home again. Whatever your Valentine's day plans entail, Karndean floors are ready for it.

Start your love affair with Karndean Designflooring by exploring our full range of products! Share your Valentine's Day-inspired décor with us on Facebook and Instagram and for more inspiration, see our love-themed Pinterest board