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Reclaimed French Oak RKP8109  beach day inspiration image

Family Fun Before Summer’s Done

Posted on the 8/11/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Summer is beginning to wind down and if you have children at home, they are probably trying to soak up every last bit of summer before heading back to school. Coming up with ideas to keep everyone entertained can be a challenge at this point in the season. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to spend some more quality time together as a family before the school year, we have some ideas that are sure to be fun for both kids and adults!

Take a Day Trip

Kayaking image and museum image sourced via Pinterest

Day trips are an excellent way to explore sights near your home that you’ve never visited, like national parks, museums and other attractions. Depending on the type of location you choose, you may even be able to bring the family dog along too! Browse the attractions’ websites to see if there are any upcoming offers for reduced admission. Many museums, for example, offer a free night each month to draw in new visitors. Perhaps best of all for parents, with a day trip there’s no packing or luggage required!

Family Movie/Game Night

Pinterest and Smoked Koa RKP8126

For those summer days that are too hot or too rainy to spend outdoors, plan some fun indoor activities like a family movie or game night! If you want to get out of the house, you could go to a local theater or if you’re looking for something budget friendly, stay at home and have a Netflix movie marathon. 

If you have already exhausted your movie options, a family game night is a fun alternative idea. Whether you have board games, table games or video games you can create your own game tournament to pass the time.​

Host a Pool Party/Barbecue

Reclaimed French Oak RKP8109 and Pinterest

Summer is a lively time of year to entertain in your home, and a barbecue and pool party combines the best elements of the season: swimming, grilling and enjoying the sunshine! Chances are you’ll have a lot of wet feet going in and out of the house to and from the pool, but if you have a Karndean floor at home you don’t need to worry about your floors being damaged by water. Simply wipe up footprints and little puddles as you see them. You can learn more about our waterproof floors here. Don't have a pool at home? Don't sweat it! Coordinate with neighbors to have a picnic at the community pool instead!

Backyard Campout

Smores image and camping image sourced via Pinterest

You don’t have to be part of a very outdoorsy family to enjoy a backyard campout! You can build a fire and make s’mores, look at the stars and pitch a tent to sleep in. Best of all, if it rains you can always dash inside!

No matter how you choose to spend the remaining days of summer, what’s most important is to have fun with your kids.