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Hickory Nutmeg EW03 farmhouse flat lay

Trend Alert: Get the Farmhouse Look

Posted on the 10/2/2017 by Karndean Designflooring

If, like us, you loved Marcos and Lotta’s Story, you'll know the farmhouse trend is definitely a top home interior style choice right now. What exactly is farmhouse style? In general, this style features distressed, handcrafted elements – ranging from furniture to floors. Open shelving, light, natural colors, and vintage hardware are usually found throughout farmhouse-inspired spaces. Are you looking to create that farmhouse feel in your home? Start with the floor!

Marcos and Lotta were searching for a design that was light and airy, and also fit the farmhouse style they had in mind for their fixer-upper home. They fell in love with our Country Oak VGW81T, which became the basis for the rest of their design choices. The floor has cool blue-gray tones and soft camel browns, creating a more contemporary rustic look in a large format 48” x 7” plank.


Photo credit, left: Marcos & Lotta Rodriguez

For a more traditional farmhouse floor, turn to our Hickory Nutmeg EW03. Its rich, warm and inviting browns are combined with rustic, hand-scraped detailing for added character and charm and a registered emboss to follow the exact grain and knot details of the design for an authentic feel and look. Studiobstyle’s Barbara Schmidt paired Hickory Nutmeg with chocolate and white cabinets, black and white countertops, a stainless steel bridge faucet and a star tile backsplash to create a farmhouse style moodboard “inspired by baking bread and fresh pastry pies."


Moodboard photo credit: studiobstyle

If your space is large and open, or you are searching for a pine look floor, take a look at Antique Heart Pine LLP303 from our LooseLay Longboard range, available in large format 59” x 10” planks. The worn finish and aged detailing of the planks feature natural open grains and manmade markings that together create a beautiful backdrop for a country-inspired interior. 


Perhaps you want a look that isn’t so obviously a farmhouse style or that has less detailing than the choices we’ve seen so far. Rubra WP316 from our Opus range gives you the worn look in a traditional 36” x 6” plank, making for a floor with rustic elements without being overly rustic in a rich, chocolate brown.


If noise reduction or minimal subfloor preparation are your project priorities, you don’t have to sacrifice the look you want. Our Korlok Select Antique French Oak RKP8110's 56” x 9 planks perfectly highlight the historical markings and tarnishing you would see over time with authentic hardwood.


Some other options to consider: Aged Kauri VGW51T; Aged Oak KP98 for a more modern farmhouse look; and you may remember from a previous Tips from the Table blog our combination of Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T and Salvaged Redwood VGW101T.

Have you created your dream farmhouse look using a Karndean floor? Share your photos with us on social media!