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Midnight Black T74 and Carrara T90 with keysquares

Tips from the Table: Black and White Patterns

Posted on the 8/28/2017 by Karndean Designflooring

When it comes to interior design, some looks never go out of style - including a classic black and white palette. A monotone color scheme is versatile and adaptable, giving you a neutral setting to play with pops of bold color, pattern and texture. With Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl, you can find many black and white combinations, but you may not have considered the different ways you could use these products to create an original pattern. Here are some of our favorites to consider for your next home project:

Add visual interest to a small space, like a guest bath with our Black Oak parquet planks combined with 10mm Chalk design strips. Because our 9” x 3” parquet planks are so small, you may not have considered using a design strip in-between each plank for added definition. But in a black and white combination, this pattern creates a clean, sophisticated look. If you tried to use this pattern in a larger setting, it would be overwhelming to the eye.


If you like the thought of Black Oak (note: now a discontinued product, but stock may be available) but are working with a larger space, consider pairing it with Argen from our Opus range, which features some of our largest gluedown plank and tile sizes. This pattern would fit modern style homes, in spaces like a sophisticated living room, dining room or home office. 


For an alternative to this monochromatic look, pair Black Oak with Terra, part of the Opus range. The 3mm wide Ebony feature strips in between the tiles ties the design together, and the mix of wood and stone, matte and gloss, is sure to create an heir of sophistication.


For a design that incorporates both black and white, and can be used in larger spaces, create a diamond pattern with our Midnight Black and Carrara, both from our Knight Tile gluedown range. If you have been inspired by geometric patterns, which have been a big trend commercially and are starting to trickle down to residential spaces, you will love this layout. This would look fantastic in an open kitchen area. 


If the previous pattern was too busy for you, consider a fresh take on a checkerboard pattern, which can be created using Carrara and Midnight Black keysquares, as shown below. Black design strips add definition, but to really anchor the design (and hide dirt), run a black border right up to the toe kick below your cabinets or around your kitchen island.


The design possibilities don’t stop there! Have you created your own unique pattern using Karndean Designflooring in your home? Share a photo with us on social media!