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Underfloor heating guide

Our planks/tiles are suitable over underfloor heating systems, but they should have been insulated so that its surface temperature does not go over 27°C (80°F).

Universal, High Temperature (HT) or Epoxy adhesives must be used

The underfloor heating must be switched off 48 hours before, during, and 48 hours after the installation, then temperature gradually increased (typically 3°C/hr) to desired warmth.

For electrical underfloor heating

Please consult the manufacturers to make sure their system is compatible with our flooring. Mesh/Wire systems must be bedded into a base coat of reinforced fiber smoothing compound to cover the wires or mesh. Then a second coat of primer and reinforced fiber smoothing compound should be applied as a finish coat. This is applicable for both concrete and timber construction subfloors.

For underfloor heating pipes set into concrete

Prime surface before applying a compatible smoothing compound to a minimum of 3mm.