Our predictions for home style in 2019

Home Styling Trends for 2019

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The new year is a time to step back and re-evaluate many aspects of life, including home style. In a recent post, we shared some of the top colors for the upcoming year which has us looking towards other top home interior trends for 2019. If you are looking to do a bit of a style update throughout your home, consider incorporating some of these ideas:

Biophilia - Bringing the Outdoors In

2019 Trends Biophilia

Mental well-being and environmental issues are topical discussions both at home and in the workplace, and this will be reflected in home decor through a greater focus on emotional connections with the great outdoors. Bringing plants, organic materials and sunlight into our homes helps to ground us to the seasons and relieves the stresses of everyday life. Last year, we were all loving the natural look that low-maintenance succulents brought into our homes. This year, we will be encouraged to nurture a wider selection of houseplants to bring a lush natural feel to our homes. To incorporate a bit more color, use bright bouquets of flowers or statement floral prints.

Natural, Organic Materials

2019 Trends Organic Materials

Similar to biophilia, the incorporation of natural and organic materials into home decor is also rooted in the desire to feel connected to nature, as well as other cultures around the world. Look for materials typically seen in outdoor settings, like terracotta and concrete, to be brought indoors; in addition to woven fabrics and decorative pieces (like the lampshade shown above), and the incorporation of tribal patterns and natural textiles into home decor. The influence of natural textiles can even be found in flooring, as shown above right with our Limed Linen Oak RP98

Art Deco

2019 Trends Art Deco

In 2019, we return to one of the most opulent and glamorous periods in history - Art Deco. Throughout the past year, we've been seeing elements of this style re-emerging, but look for it to return in a big way this year. Today's Art Deco incorporates more attainable luxury, to fit millennial style. Look for simple and bold shapes, patterns and colors; black and white; exotic woods; shiny or metallic accents and heavily veined marble. 

Light Wood Floors

2019 Trends Light Floors Washed Butternut RKP8108 

According to Elle Decor, interior styling is taking a turn toward open and airy spaces. Light-colored wood floors set the foundation for such a space. We have many options to suit this trend, including Washed Butternut RKP8108, pictured above. This spring, we're introducing new designs across four product ranges, many of which tap into this trend - stay tuned!

Parquet Flooring

2019 Trends Parquet Auburn Oak AP02 Glacier Oak SM-RL21 

Auburn Oak AP02, Glacier Oak Parquet SM-RL21 (available early March 2019)

A classic flooring choice, the eye-catching patterns of parquet introduce character to your interior. Parquet allows for a wealth of beautiful designs, from traditional herringbone to contemporary interpretations in brick, block or chevron patterns. To achieve this look in a large open plan space, laying full-sized planks in a herringbone pattern will make a real statement in your room and bring out the character of the wood grain and knots. This spring we're introducing a new gray parquet accent plank in our Art Select Wood collection (shown above, right) and three American Barnwood designs in a rigid core parquet herringbone plank.

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