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Visiting Your Karndean Designflooring Retailer

What to Expect from Your Karndean Retailer Visit

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In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed how to narrow down your choices and find your local Karndean Designflooring retailer, and tips for what to bring with you when you visit, so now it’s time to see your local retailer! 

Retail showrooms typically carry many different types of flooring, so mention your visit is to see Karndean Designflooring. Your retail sales associate will walk you through the different Karndean displays they have and will ask you for details about your style and project. The goal is to find the perfect product. You may be asked if you prefer a wide or narrow plank; what types of colors and finishes will be in the space you’re working on; what don't you like about your current floor; where is the room located in your home; and how do you use the space (for example, is it a formal area or do the kids play in it?) among others. Each of these answers allows the sales associate to eliminate the product ranges that do not match your preferences.

Show any samples or product names you brought with you. Whether it’s a small Karndean sample you requested online or other samples, like paint swatches, these will not only help your sales associate with flooring product and color recommendations, but it allows you to see what your paint color, backsplash or cabinets will look like directly against the floors you’re considering.

Retailer display boards

Your sales associate will pull some of our retail display boards get some initial thoughts. Our boards are designed to show the variation in color in the product and pattern, as well as they texture of the floor. The boards will be representative of the different details you will get in a box of that product. Take pictures of the display boards, as this will help in making a final decision!

Your sales associate will also discuss Designflooring options with you. You’ll notice as you look at display boards that some of the planks and tiles are laid straight, some on an angle, and some with design strips and/or borders.

Retailer samples and literature

Any of our Platinum Retailers will have full-size samples in-store. Other retailers will be able to order you full-size samples. In either case, we recommend you take full-size samples home to see them in the environment where the floor is being installed. The floors will look slightly different in natural sunlight compared to fluorescent light, for example.

If you’re close to beginning your project, your retailer will also want to schedule a quote and measure. This helps them determine how much product and adhesive to order and allows them to assess the condition of the subfloor. Once that is completed, you can let your retailer know your final decision and work can be scheduled to begin!

So what can you expect once installation begins?  You’ll just have to keep an eye out for our next blog and see! Share your journey with us on social media using #Karndean!

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