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My Floor is Installed...Now What?

My Floor Is Installed…Now What?

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In a recent blog, we mentioned some ways to prepare your home for a smooth installation process. Once the installer’s work is done, you will have a brand new, beautiful Designfloor! How should you take care of your floor immediately following installation and in the years to come? We’ll walk you through some best practices for maintaining your investment.

Immediately Following Installation

After having a crew in your home, you may be tempted to clean up a little, but keep in mind that you should not mop your floor immediately. This is because the adhesive needs time to fully cure. Consult your retailer for the specific adhesive used and the time it takes to cure.

This is the same amount of time you should wait before you put any furniture back in the room. Be sure to put felt pads or stainless steel bottoms on the feet of tables and chairs that belong in the space. Inspect the felt pads for debris when you clean your floor. We recommend using load bearing casters to protect against indentation from heavy furniture.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Karndean Designfloors are made with our K-Guard+ surface protection, which provides a hygienic and durable finish, and protects against scuff marks and stains. All of our floors are waterproof, but we recommend cleaning up any spills as they occur to avoid any slipping hazards.

Once your adhesive has cured, you can clean your floor. We recommend using our Karndean Clean solution for optimum results, as it was developed and tested specifically for use with our flooring materials. Before doing any type of mopping, you should first sweep up any dirt and pick up any debris brought in from outside.

Easy to clean with a sweep and a mop

If your vacuum has a hard floor setting, be sure to switch to that before vacuuming your floor. Vacuums with a beater bar, (the cylindrical bar that spins rapidly to fluff carpet), should not be used, unless you disable the bar. We’re often asked if you can use steam mops with our floors and we do not recommend using them, as they are not temperature controlled. When you're ready to mop, you may use any pH-neutral, fragrance-free cleaner that is approved for use with vinyl flooring.

Like any floor, regular maintenance will extend its beauty and durability. We recommend that you use our Karndean Remove and Karndean Refresh products every six to twelve months to make your floor look good as the day it was installed. Any of our Karndean cleaning products can be purchased through your retailer.


Cleaning your Karndean floor

Our floors are made to be lived on, but we understand that accidents do happen. The following are some scenarios we are commonly asked about:

How do I remove scratches? Apply Karndean Remove solution and mop up and rise thoroughly with clean water. Then apply Karndean Refresh solution (see our Cleaning & Maintenance Guide for more details). For fine scratches and scuffs you can actually use a tennis ball or white household eraser sponge, moving it in the direction of the grain to help blend it in. For deep scratches, your best option may be to replace the plank.

How do I remove scuff marks? Dilute a small amount of Karndean Clean in some water and use a damp washcloth (or non-abrasive nylon scouring pad) with the diluted solution.

There are white spots on my floor. Don’t be alarmed, as this is likely water that wasn’t completely wiped up. Simply apply Karndean Remove solution, wipe up the residue with a mop, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

My floor has a streaky appearance. This may be due to either Karndean Remove that was either not rinsed thoroughly or Karndean Remove that dried irregularly from underfloor heating or strong sunlight. Simply repeat the Remove and Refresh process.

These are just a few of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question or concern about the care of your floor, give our friendly technical team a call at 888-266-4343 from 8am – 8pm ET.

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