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Trend Alert: Concrete Floors

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If you have an industrial, modern, or a more minimalist interior style, or are looking for a modern “blank slate” from which to base your interior design scheme, you have probably come across concrete floors while searching for ideas. Why are so many turning to this look?

Concrete floors tend to make spaces look larger and match a wide variety of colors, allowing you to change your existing décor without having to replace your floor. However, concrete may not be the most practical choice for your home. Concrete is a porous material, meaning that it can easily absorb water. To prevent this, the floor needs to be sealed or polished after installation, adding time, cost and long term maintenance to your project. Concrete is also very hard and cold on your feet, so if you have small children at home or are on your feet or doing household chores, concrete wouldn’t be the most comfortable option.

Cambric CER20

Cambric CER20

Luckily, we offer several concrete-inspired luxury vinyl designs that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a concrete floor with none of the practical drawbacks! Our tiles are quicker and easier to install than concrete, don’t require sealing or polishing, and are much warmer and softer underfoot. Whether your children fall, or you drop something hard on our floors, there is a much softer landing compared to concrete.

Inspired by Concrete

Our concrete-inspired visuals give you a variety to choose from, in an array of formats and tonal groups.

Three of our Da Vinci designs were inspired both by woven strands of fabric and the effect of poured concrete. Burnet features dark fawn tones blended with tiny speckles of white, black, brown and even warm taupe-gray to create a fascinating depth of color. Cambric features this same design in cool gray tones that imitate a modern poured concrete look, without the coldness of its natural inspiration. Sindon has a warm charcoal base with flecks of black, gray and white – perfect for spaces where you want a dark floor without being too plain. Each of these products come in a 12”x18” tile, a size which would fit small to mid-size rooms.

Fumo SP216 Textum WP331

Fumo SP216, Textum WP331

Two of our new Opus designs were inspired by concrete. The first, Textum, reflects the popularity of stone visuals in a plank format, combining the look of formed concrete with the detailing of a wood plank in a 6”x36” size for a very unique concrete visual that can be used as either a wood or a concrete.

For the second, Fumo, we selected a sourced limestone and it underwent a high-pressure brushing process to uncover its natural character, allowing it to appear more like a concrete. Another Opus design, Urbus brings together a stormy mix of light and mid gray tones to create the effect of poured concrete. These designs come in larger format tiles, sized 18"x24", which would look best in open areas or large rooms.

Urbus SP213

Urbus SP213

Two designs in our Karndean LooseLay collection, sized 19.7” x 24”, provide you the option of a concrete look in a floating solution. While Colorado’s light gray tones are true to the natural coloration of concrete, Arizona is a mid-brown tone with accents of gray and even some red, offering a modern alternative.

Arizona LLT200 Colorado LLT201

Colorado LLT201Arizona LLT200

See how these products look in different residential settings by using our Floorstyle digital tool and request 4”x4” samples to see how they look in person. Don’t forget to tag us in photos of your concrete-inspired floors on social media!  

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