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Spring 2018 Collection

Introducing Our Spring 2018 Collection: Part 2

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In our last blog we introduced you to our Knight Tile and Opus product ranges, but those new designs certainly weren't the only ones we've been working on - we're pleased to also offer a new rigid core range called Korlok Reserve. The introduction of this additional range will give you even more colors in our award-winning rigid core format and in a new size. 

Korlok Reserve features the same award-winning, waterproof K-Core technology as our Korlok Select range in a slightly smaller 48” x 7” format, perfect for rooms where the 56" x 9" length of Korlok Select planks would be too long. Korlok Reserve can be installed over many existing hard floors, and its patented and proven 2G locking system makes it quick and easy to install. This range is also excellent for spaces that require the reduction of noise transfer, as the planks' pre-attached acoustic foam backing helps to reduce the transfer of noise to rooms below. If you don’t want to listen to the pitter patter of paws or kids running around the house, Korlok Reserve may be the solution for you! For added protection, each of our products is finished with our K-Guard+ surface protection, which provides a durable and hygienic finish.

Korlok Reserve Designs

In contrast to Korlok Select, which was heavily inspired by European woods, the designs within Korlok Reserve were inspired by woods native to North America, including oak, walnut and pine. Because of its North American influence, this range features more warm tones and rustic designs, including the classic, yet rustic design of Vintage Oregon Oak and the reclaimed Charred Weathered Pine. The style of designs within Korlok Reserve include aged oaks, oiled oaks, and limed oaks, in addition to pine and walnut.

Our aged oaks offer four designs in looks to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. Vintage Oregon Oak has a traditional look with some rustic detailing, while North American Oak offers an alternative traditional look in a cleaner visual. Aged Spanish Oak blends brown-gray and silvery charcoals with delicate detailing, which would create the perfect contrast against white walls or furnishings, and Weathered Oak’s timeless, distressed design was created by the salt water air and coastal winds and is the perfect complement to both rustic or coastal-inspired interiors.

Weathered Oak RCP6532 Aged Spanish Oak RCP6535

Weathered Oak RCP6532, Aged Spanish Oak RCP6535

To create the design for our two limed oaks, we lightly sanded the source planks and applied a modern lime wash to complement the tones within the woods. Limed Coastal Oak appeals to alight and airy aesthetic, while Limed Charcoal Oak will complement a more current color palette of cool tones. Although these planks feature some worn detailing, our K-Guard+ surface protection will prevent further wear to your floors.

Limed Coastal Oak RCP6534 Limed Charcoal Oak RCP6538

Limed Coastal Oak RCP6534, Limed Charcoal Oak RCP6538

Applying an oil finish to woods adds depth and character and enhances the overall matte appearance. The four oiled oaks in Korlok Reserve feature this finish in two traditional and two contemporary colors so that there is an oiled oak to fit any style. We kept Natural Oiled Oak and Provincial Oiled Oak very close to the natural oak planks that inspired our designs, applying only a light finish to enhance the natural features. Tavern Oiled Oak and Grey Oiled Oak offer fresh, updated alternatives to the classic oiled oaks.

Provincial Oiled Oak RCP6536 Natural Oiled Oak RCP6540

Provincial Oiled Oak RCP6540, Natural Oiled Oak RCP6536

Our reclaimed pine design, Charred Weathered Pine, combines a cross sawn finish with the in-demand look of pine which usually does not make a practical floor covering in its natural form because it wears quickly and is very soft. The result is a highly desirable visual full of character in our durable and family-friendly planks.

As a soft and expensive wood, walnut is not always a viable flooring option, but our final design, Texan Whiskey Walnut, offers the authentic detailing of walnut in an affordable waterproof format.

Charred Weathered Pine RCP6539 Texan Whiskey Walnut RCP6542

Charred Weathered Pine RCP6539Texan Whiskey Walnut RCP6542

Like all our products, each of these designs is durable, waterproof and family friendly!

Explore our new additions to Knight Tile and Opus along with the new Korlok Reserve range and request 4”x 4” samples to get started on your next home project!

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