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Dusk Oak HC03 3mm Chalk DS10

Karndean Designflooring v. Porcelain Tile

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We understand that you have a lot of beautiful flooring options when it comes to remodeling your home or building a new one. When choosing a floor, it’s important to consider what fits your budget of course, but more importantly fits your lifestyle. Which is why at Karndean Designflooring, we offer more than 200 colors across three different types of installation formats – gluedown, loose lay and rigid core.

Luxury vinyl tile and porcelain tile are two of today’s most popular flooring choices. If you’re torn between Karndean Designflooring and porcelain tile, here is a comparison to help you decide.

Classic Oak VGW86T 3mm Chalk DS10

Classic Oak VGW86T with 3mm Chalk DS10 design strip


Because luxury vinyl comes in individual planks and tiles, you can easily choose how you would like to lay your floor, including a straight lay, at an angle or in a herringbone. Using our luxury vinyl allows for transition-free space planning when two products of the same thickness are used.

Very few floors, even few luxury vinyl floors, offer the intricate level of customization that we do. Our gluedown ranges offer the highest level of customization and include design strips (smaller pieces of luxury vinyl), borders, various laying patterns and custom cuts.


The installation process of porcelain requires more tools, labor and clean up on the job than luxury vinyl; thus, making the process more disruptive to your family. Regardless of which format of luxury vinyl you choose (gluedown, loose lay or rigid core), each type is faster to install than porcelain tile. With our loose lay and rigid core floors, you can have your floor installed in the morning and live on it as soon as the same evening.

Dusk Oak HC03 3mm Chalk DS10

Dusk Oak HC03 with 3mm Chalk DS10 design strip

Ease of Maintenance

In general, both porcelain and luxury vinyl can be maintained by sweeping, vacuuming or mopping with a pH neutral cleaner, and it’s important to clean spills as soon as they occur. However, porcelain tile is grouted, and grout is porous, so it is susceptible to water, mold and mildew; and is more vulnerable to chips and seasonal cracks. We’ve created our own “grout strips,” called design strips, which are compatible with our gluedown floors and are made from the same material as our floor planks and tiles. This allows you to achieve your desired look without worrying about staining or discoloration. Learn more about the cleaning and maintenance of our products


Smoked Butternut RKP8107 Taupe Oak LLP309

Smoked Butternut RKP8107, Taupe Oak LLP309


When you’re on your feet for an extended period, like in the kitchen cooking for example, chances are you’d prefer not to stand on a cold, hard floor. Unlike porcelain tile, Karndean Designflooring planks and tiles are warmer and softer underfoot than natural flooring materials (porcelain included), creating a safer landing space should your children fall. Plus the textured surface will keep your four-legged family members from slipping.

While porcelain also offers stunning beauty, in a busy household environment it might not be the practical choice you’re looking for. However, with Karndean Designflooring you can get the look of porcelain tile and take advantage of all our products’ practical benefits! Try your own porcelain tile-inspired looks today using our Floorstyle digital tool.

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